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Introducing the GGDS Self Care Range

Introducing the GGDS Self Care Range, comprised of the Hydra Re-New Lip Care and Parfums de Provence. 

Hydra Re-New Lip Care provides a boost of antioxidants to the lips along with offering anti-ageing properties. Featuring Organic CO2 Sea Buckthorn, CO2 chamomile, bisabolol, shea better, coconut oil and vitamin E, this lip balm helps lips feel naturally fuller through its super hydrating affect. With protection from UVA and UVB, this SPF 30 lip balm is perfect for wear everyday, on its own or under lipsticks. 

Parfums de Provence are a range of French made fragrances infused with high quality botanicals, absolutes and essential oils from trusted sources. The fragrances have been crafted to showcase the beautiful essence of nature.

The GGDS Difference

When we choose our products we ask ourselves "Do we love it?" and the answer has to be a definitive "Yes!". 

Our products are crafted with expert care, with the best ingredients to create an outstanding outcome. Each product is selected with a specific purpose based on our experiences with our patients. Traceability is key and we will only accept ingredients with origins that we can trace - this is how we can confidentily say our products only contain the best!

We only sell what we love, that way we know our customers will as well. 

What our Customers Say

Parfums de Provence - Rose:

"I absolutely love this French rose perfume. It has a real true rose smell, not an artificial smell. It’s so fresh and uplifting."


What our Customers Say

Hydra Re-New Lip Care:

"I've finally found a product that moisturizers my lips and keeps them feeling hydrated! Plus it has the bonus of being SPF 30 without smelling like sunscreen"


What our Customers Say

Parfums de Provence - Mimosa:

"I love the fresh floral smell you instantly get when you use this perfume. Definitely one of my new favorites!"


What our Customers Say

Parfums de Provence - Lavende:

"This is honestly one of the nicest lavender fragrances I’ve ever smelt. I often feel that lavender is overdone and so strong but this perfume has such a beautiful mix of soft lavender and sweet vanilla"


Parfums de Provence

French made fragrances infused with botanicals absolutes and essential oils. Available online now! Enjoy complimentary gift wrapping on any order.

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