Parfums de Provence

A Breath of Summer in Provence and Cote d'azur - The French Riviera.

These fragrances take you there, evoking sun-drenched lyrical landscapes, fields of flowers and shimmering beaches of the Mediterranean - a bright mirror of azure blue reflecting endless skies. Cloaked in the rare luminosity of light that’s brilliant yet soft and tender, Provence is steeped in enduring charms, captivating writers, painters and travelers through the centuries.


The Origins of the Fragrances.

In love with a young French dancer, Francis Charrier, is renounced by his wealthy family in Grasse, the perfume capital of France. He decided that in life, love is more important than money and establishes Charrier Parfums in Vallauris, Provence, with his Juliet. 
Est. - depuis - 1888